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She Shoots Film · Issue 3

She Shoots Film · Issue 3

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She Shoots Film : Issue 3 METAMORPHOSIS

This issue examines the concept of METAMORPHOSIS from multiple angles with a mix of photography, interviews, personal essays, and reflections from the community.

ARTISTS : Laura Aubrée, Deborah Candeub, Sabrina Caramanico, Elizabeth Casasola, Lauren Hare, Mia Krys, Emma Perry, Paola Katherine Rodriguez, Emma Starr and Lisa Toboz.

INTERVIEWS : Hazel Dooney, Cig Harvey, Nancy Rexroth and Aline Smithson.

WRITERS : Ruby Berry and Mia Krys.

About She Shoots Film :

She Shoots Film is an independent publication that encourages, supports and draws attention to emerging and seasoned film photographers that make with a woman's eye.

Magazine arrives with complimentary gift wrap and Lab West Film postcard.
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