Our Approach

Lab West Film is a modern film lab, archival service and print studio based in Nedlands (Perth, Western Australia.) We are a family-run business with a tight-knit team of professionals who are passionate about all things film, photography and printing.

We love working with fellow photographers around the country to bring their images to life, as well as guiding clients through family archive projects and helping preserve cultural and community histories.

We strive to be a trusted and open-minded space where special requests are welcome, and there are no silly questions. With our low-volume, high-quality ethos you can expect outstanding service, attention to detail and premium results with a personal touch.

  • Fine Art Printing

  • Film Scanning

  • Photo Scanning & Restoration

  • Video Conversions

  • Film Developing (*on pause)

  • Exhibitions & Workshops


We encourage film to be used mindfully and preserved in the most sustainable way. We also love to engage the next generation of film lovers to keep the craft alive through workshops and exhibitions.

Some things we do to minimise our environmental impact:

  • Source sustainable packaging.
  • Minimise our use of plastics.
  • Offer environmentally friendly fine art papers, including sustainable bamboo blends.
  • Use environmentally preferable developers where possible.
  • Send all used chemistry to a certified recycling plant.
  • Bulk load film and re-use canisters and containers.
  • Offer reusable cameras instead of disposables.