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She Shoots Film · Issue 2

She Shoots Film · Issue 2

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She Shoots Film : Issue 2 MOTHER

This issue contains work and words by women who have approached the theme of MOTHER from thoughtful and multi-layered angles. It features intense and personal narratives that are both written and visual.  

ARTISTS : Romy Alizée, Stacy Arezou Mehrfar, Marit Beer, Monica Calderin, Irene Zóttola Carretero, Nicole Cudzilo, Carol Dass, Nikita Gross, Cheryl Hanna-Truscott, Angelea H-R, Hannah Kozak, Sue Murfin Cardaro, Heather Oelklaus, Georgia Ponirakou, Hilary Sloane, Dana Stirling, Jenny Jacklin Stratton.

INTERVIEWS : Giulia Bianchi, Aletheia Casey, Hilde Pank, Clare Rae

WRITERS : Ruby Berry, Kira Kikla, Katt Janson Merilo

About She Shoots Film :

She Shoots Film is an independent publication that encourages, supports and draws attention to emerging and seasoned film photographers that make with a woman's eye.

Magazine arrives with complimentary gift wrap and Lab West Film postcard.
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