Terraneans is a selection of ten photographs from Jake Kleemann’s ongoing series in the Western Australian Wheatbelt. Jake’s works explore the harsh beauty and mesmerising wonder of this sparsely populated agricultural region. Captured on film throughout 2021, these images observe how the natural landscape interacts with the everyday, and the dynamic between the seasonal cycle and social transition the region endures.

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Terraneans is on display at Lab West Film 10 February - 10 March 2022.
Hours : Tuesday - Friday 12 - 6pm, Saturday 12 - 4pm, or by appointment.
46a, 188 Newcastle St, Perth WA 6000 
(Located in the heritage cottage near the corner of William St).


Jake Kleemann is a photographer based in Perth. He is currently taking a break from his political science degree to focus on his photography. Jake uses film for all his work as the more considered and gradual process suits his style and offers an unmistakeable character to the images. For Jake, “the medium of film forces me to not dwell on the immediate image but rather study and grasp the scene before I take the photo.”


Terraneans is the first of many exhibitions we are putting together here at Lab West Film. We are delighted to offer a relaxed environment for photographers to share their work with all the wonderful people who visit our lab and invite the wider community into our space. 

Contact : hello@labwestfilm.com