We are delighted to offer a relaxed environment for photographers to share their work with all the wonderful people who visit our lab. Reach out to us as hello@labwestfilm with any inquiries or ideas.


July - August 2022

A display of images and poetry to celebrate the process of positive change through book making. Coming close to death in 2018 and getting a second chance at life, Curtis used writing and poetry as a means to reflect on the darker days of his past and look towards a brighter future. Close friend Sam Eastcott recognised the strength in Curtis’ writing and the beneficial impact it had on his road to recovery. Throughout 2020 and 2021 the pair worked on editing a huge amount of poems into scrapbooks, cutting up pages and sticking them together. The process became a form of therapy and the pair realised that the process was just as important as the final product. Poetry by Curtis Morling. Photographs by Sam Eastcott. 


February - March 2022

Terraneans is a selection of ten photographs from Jake Kleemann’s ongoing series in the Western Australian Wheatbelt. Jake’s works explore the harsh beauty and mesmerising wonder of this sparsely populated agricultural region. Captured on film throughout 2021, these images observe how the natural landscape interacts with the everyday, and the dynamic between the seasonal cycle and social transition the region endures.