We process colour (C-41), black & white, and cinematic film (ECN-2). From 35mm to 120 and 4x5, we've got you covered.

Our technicians develop and scan in small batches, taking the utmost care with your negative. We specialise in rotary film processing using freshly mixed developers to get the most out of your film stock. Our JOBO rotary processor is preferred by many photographers worldwide for delivering beautifully balanced, scratch-free images with a personal touch.

Embracing new techniques in negative scanning, we use high resolution digital camera sensors to capture your negative in the finest detail. 

Read more about our process or drop in to the lab for a chat.


At LAB WEST all our scans are high resolution (or above) with a choice of formats to suit your needs. Our technicians make frame-by-frame adjustments to balance and spot-check your images, delivering JPEG files that are ready to share. Our JPEG's maintain a natural looking profile that you can easily enhance to suit your own look. TIFF files provide professionals with a flat (neutral) profile ideal for in-depth editing. Our unique RAW files allow you complete creative control over your negative. Unlike other labs, we don't offer a cheaper low resolution option. Instead we bring you higher resolutions at a more affordable cost. Scans are emailed to you via dropbox link within three days of receiving your film. Negs are carefully cut & sleeved and can be sent back to you. See below for further info on file storage.


High Resolution (4900 x 3200*) JPEG files.

Ideal for digital sharing and medium-size fine art prints up to A2.


High Resolution (4900 x 3200*) JPEG + TIFF (16 Bit) + RAW files.

Ideal for professional editing and medium-size fine art prints up to A2. For ultimate control in post, we provide you with a versatile flat TIFF plus your original RAW file and JPEG. The RAW file is a digital version of your negative you can edit from scratch with software like NegLab Pro, Film lab or Photoshop. 


Mammoth Resolution (9500 x 6500*) JPEG + TIFF (16 Bit) + RAW files.

All the features of a Pro Bundle, upsized for large-scale fine prints (A1 & beyond) or expert archival. A premium choice to capture and archive your negative with exceptional resolution down to the grain. Best suited to 120 and 4x5.

*All scan resolutions are approximate. Please expect slight variations depending on your format and frame ratio. 

See full price list.


We offer a variety of extras to help realise your vision. If you have a custom option in mind, feel free to contact us or drop in to the lab to discuss.

Full Frame Scans 35mm  + $4 per roll (35mm only)

We are able to capture beyond the film border to include 35mm sprocket holes and film details. Present your images with an original film edge or crop as you wish.  

Digital Contact Sheet  + $4 per roll / 5 sheets

Add a digital contact sheet to your order for a convenient snapshot of your roll. They're also a helpful tool to review the consistency of your exposures or select your top frames for prints.  

Push / Pull  + $4 per roll / 5 sheets

Our technicians can vary develop times and push or pull colour and b&w films to your liking. Please specify in your online order how many stops you wish to push / pull and clearly mark your roll. 

Custom B&W Developers  + $4 per roll / 5 sheets

We generally pair b&w films with Kodak XTOL 1:1 developer, known for its lighter environmental impact. We also offer RODINAL, Ilford ID-11 or Kodak HC-110 developers upon request. You can specify a custom developer and dilution when ordering online. Feel free to contact us or drop in to the lab if you'd like to chat about dilutions or have a particular look in mind.

Express Service  + $10 per roll / 5 sheets.

Love the film look but lack the patience? Does your client need a fast turnaround? We do our best to offer a 24 hour express service. Please contact us to arrange - you'll need to drop your rolls off at the lab.  


Scans will arrive in your email inbox within three days of receiving your film. 

We can also provide a 24 hour express service for an additional fee. See details above.

    ECN-2: *Please note the above turnaround times are for colour and b&w films only. We process cinematic film (ECN-2) weekly on Wednesdays with scans delivered by Saturday. Orders open every Friday for the following Wednesday and can sell out! Please order online and deliver your film to us by Monday latest.


    DROPBOX LINKS AND DIGITAL FILES ARE DELETED THREE MONTHS AFTER SENDING. Please direct download  or save to your dropbox account to keep your files safe.

    NEGS ARE CAREFULLY CUT, SLEEVED AND STORED AT THE LAB FOR THREE MONTHS. After that, they move to deep storage and there is a $50 fee to retrieve them. If it's been more than three months, please contact us before coming to collect your negs so we can ensure we have them ready. If you don't want your film cut / sleeved you can make a note in your online order. 

    We can also send your negs back to you for a $10 flat shipping fee Australia wide. You can choose to have your negs mailed back straight away, or we can store them and mail in bulk after 3 months / when your file is full (whatever comes first.)