We are a modern film lab in Northbridge, Western Australia with a focus on quality, innovation and sustainability. We develop, scan and print colour (C-41), black & white, and cinematic film (ECN-2) in-house. From 35mm to 120 and 4x5, we’ve got you covered.

We aim to be a lab that professionals trust and a space where photographers feel comfortable to ask questions. We are one of only a few Australian labs that specialise in rotary processing with a unique workflow that can tailor to your needs. Our technicians do things a bit differently, embracing modern tools and technologies with a hands-on approach.


At LAB WEST your negative is hand loaded onto spools and guided through our JOBO rotary processor in freshly mixed developers. Sheet film is loaded in JOBO expert drums. The process is closely monitored and fully customisable to explore all the variables developing has to offer. Our technicians can adjust develop times to push / pull your film, and use your choice of b&w developer / dilution to process your film exactly as you intend. Rotary developing also ensures your neg is free from scratches and grime that can occur with older mini lab machines. Unlike many tools in the analog space, JOBO processors continue to be manufactured new and are preferred by many photographers around the globe. 

There aren't many labs around that process ECN-2 (motion picture film cut down & loaded for your stills camera). We love this link between the cinematic and photographic worlds and process one batch per week. Kodak Vision 3 motion picture stocks offer a classic cinematic look and incredible versatility in post. They are also strong players in the future of film photography. The world's leading cinematographers continue to shoot movies on film which should ensure a consistent supply of the stuff! 


Our technicians embrace the latest innovations in negative capture. Our scanning workflow combines a high quality digital camera sensor with state-of-the-art hardware from Negative Supply and the latest software from Negative Lab Pro. It's a more hands-on approach than a traditional lab scanner, but we believe the extra time and care is worth it for scans with exceptional resolution and range right down to the grain.

All LAB WEST scans are high resolution with a choice of formats to suit your needs (JPEG / TIFF / RAW). We are also excited to offer a bunch of unique options like RAW files for ultimate flexibility in the edit, full-frame scans that include 35mm sprockets and digital contact sheets. All negs are carefully hand cut and sleeved to stand the test of time.


We are delighted to provide an end-to-end service including fine art printing to bring your images to life. The same low-volume, high-quality approach reflects in our print service. We offer three premium paper stocks that are favourites of photographers worldwide and make prints from 5x7" up to A2 size. Using Epson’s latest UltraChrome Pro inks with professionally calibrated monitors and expertly profiled papers, our archival prints are made to last. 


We consider the environment and the future of film photography. We acknowledge film is plastic but we encourage it to be used mindfully and preserved in the archive for generations. A few things we do to minimise our environmental impact :

  • Use environmentally preferable developers where possible.
  • Send all used chemistry to a certified recycling plant.
  • Bulk load film and re-use canisters where possible.
  • Source sustainable packaging & fine art papers without compromising on quality.
  • Offer reusable cameras instead of disposables.

We hope to engage a new generation of film shooters who keep the craft alive. We also like to support new concepts in the analog film space. If you have any ideas we’d love to hear from you!